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Not quite as much as you might think. Plus, once more game developers get their hands on that quad-core GPU, you can expect amazing things. The Tab 2 is clearly meant to be a lower-cost option than its luxury predecessor. There were no storage surprises on storage during the new iPad launch event.

Compare Apple New iPad 2017 WiFi 32GB vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 LTE

What did we expect? This feature was missing on the original Galaxy Tab Screen star? New iPad — 2, x 1,, IPS, 9. Retina Display comes to the new iPad? As happened when the iPhone 4 was launched, the resolution has increased hugely in this iPad edition. It boasts four times the pixels of the old model, with a staggeringly-lovely IPS screen. With greater-thanp resolution, the new iPad has many more pixels than The resolution is the standard 1, x , seen in pretty much every The new iPad got a major photographic boost over the iPad 2.

From 0. Autofocus and face detection are in, as is p video capture. In fairness, it stops the back from being spoiled by another cut-out. The Samsung tablet does have a flash, but otherwise its specs are less impressive. With a 3. Well connected? New iPad — 30pin dock, Bluetooth 4. Wireless connectivity is all about covering all bases, and both tablets do pretty well here.

They offer 3G, comprehensive Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The new iPad gets a small win here, with Bluetooth 4. For non-wireless connectivity, the Galaxy Tab 2 The eternal tech conundrum — iOS or Android? Android allows for more customisation, and more features without needing separate apps. This is perhaps the main question you have to answer when thinking about moving to tablet town. The iPad has a slightly bigger form factor, but it's not more than a millimeter or two larger in any dimension. The lightest version of this iPad is nearly 9-percent heavier than its Tab S3 counterpart.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 vs. Apple iPad Air 2

That's a difference of 40 g only about 0. The Samsung device's glass back panel and aluminum frame seem a little more sophisticated than the iPad's familiar aluminum unibody, but then again, glass could be an impractical choice for a handheld device. They also have identical resolution and pixel densities.

But since that HDR designation is according to Samsung's self-determined standard, it's difficult to quantify how much that might improve the viewing experience. This iPad can only connect to third-party Bluetooth keyboard accessories. The iPad contains Apple's A9 chip, which is not the latest and greatest but is still capable for most web surfing and mobile apps.

The Tab S3 has more processing power in the form of Qualcomm's Snapdragon chip. Note that the clock speed for the A9 in the new iPad is unconfirmed; this guess comes from the A9 in the iPhone 6s series. Apple doesn't usually publish RAM amounts for its mobile devices, but it's very likely that this tablet contains the same 2 GB of memory that the other 9.

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We'll know for sure once product teardowns become available. The Tab S3 has twice as much, but to be fair, their respective operating systems use RAM differently. Apple finally got rid of its too-small 16 GB mobile devices. Good luck trying to find that feature on a recent Apple product. The Samsung tablet's camera handily beats the iPad's in terms of resolution. We don't use the rear-facing camera on our tablets all too often, but the Tab S3's front-facing camera should make for appreciably sharper selfies and video calls.

The two manufacturers offer similar battery life estimates, but those are to be taken with a grain of salt. A full charge will probably offer a full day of use on either device, but battery life varies depending on what you're doing. Samsung adds an additional pair of speakers to its tablet, and the sound even rotates along with the tablet orientation. The iPad, of course, runs Apple's latest mobile operating system, iOS Both mobile operating systems offer some degree of split-screen multitasking, so you can view and use more than one app at the same time. These tablets hit the market at practically the same time.

It's up for pre-order now, to start shipping and hitting US shelves on March The iPad goes up for sale on March 24 and starts shipping the following week. The two makers take a very different approach to their latest tablets, and this is most apparent in their price points.

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Clearly it's meant to be an entry-level device at least as far as Apple products go that still delivers all the iPad essentials without major compromises. We'll post full-length reviews in due course. Here's how they compare.

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Both makers opt for unsurprising metallic and neutral color variants. Display size. These two tablets have the same display size and 4: Display resolution. Fingerprint sensor. Both offer biometric logins through a home button-integrated fingerprint sensor.

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Cellular connectivity. Keyboard support. Camera megapixels. Starting price. Over , people receive our email newsletter See the stories that matter in your inbox every morning Your Email. No thanks. Latest in Mobile Technology. Samsung's folding phone is official, and is joined by the Galaxy S10 flagships. MWC