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From basic exposure settings to layered gradient adjustments, Lightroom has it all. VSCO started out as a simple app to add film-like presets to photos and has now grown both in features and users. There are more than 50 filters to choose from and a whole collection of tools for editing your images. VSCO not only works with RAW images, but also captures them using the integrated camera, making it a great all-in-one solution to shooting and editing RAW photos on the fly.

VSCO is free to download and comes with a small collection of sample presets. It was six years ago that Google bought out the photo editor Snapseed. Although many thought it was the end for the app, that proved to not be the case. Not only has Snapseed been updated over the years, it continually gains new features, albeit at a slower pace than most people would prefer.

Generally speaking, RAW photo apps outside of those above tend to be less than impressive, with the exception of ProShot. ProShot offers both manual and automatic shooting modes to fit your style and creative endeavors. As almost all of the apps on this list do, ProShot also features live adjustments, including white balance and exposure. Despite its simple interface, it includes professional-grade features, including Portrait Mode, focus peaking, and — of course — RAW photo capture.

With more than half a dozen shooting modes, including night mode, burst mode, portrait mode, and even 3D photos, ProCam 5 manages to pack a lot of firepower into a single app. Instead, it acts as a digital asset manager DAM for photos — including RAW files — you have on your iOS device, be they from your phone or an external camera.

Os Melhores Aplicativos de Fotografia para Celular - Smartfone ou Iphone ( Android ou IOS)

In addition to being able to sort and organize images, you can also make edits, including basic exposure changes and curve adjustments. Share on Facebook Tweet this Share.

Photography News: Don't Miss. Stay Focused helps keep you off your phone when work needs to be done. Posted 6 days ago — By Daven Mathies. Photography The best place to print photos online in Have you been looking around for the best place to print out your favorite photos online or in store? Don't fret, we've pored through dozens of options and narrowed it down to the seven best. Posted 11 hours ago — By Gannon Burgett. Computing Edit, sign, append, and save with six of the best PDF editors Though there are plenty of PDF editors to be had online, finding a solution with the tools you need can be tough.

Posted 15 hours ago — By Tyler Lacoma.

2. Camera ZOOM FX

Lightroom CC has evolved into a capable photo editor, but is it enough to supplant Lightroom Classic? We took each program for a test drive to compare the two versions and see which is faster, more powerful, and better organized.

1. Camera+

Posted 2 days ago — By Hillary Grigonis. Mobile Save space on your iPhone by turning off Live Photos in the camera app If you want to save storage space on your iPhone or reduce the size of your backup for iCloud, then you should think about turning off Live Photos in the camera app. It manages to include everything you need for still photo shooting, such as night and burst modes, slow shutter tools, Portrait Mode, and even 3D photos.

Here are 10 tips for making your videos look professional. Read More , which is missing from most camera apps. With ProCam 5, photographers can shoot high-resolution video up to 4K Ultra HD quality, and edit them right in the app itself. You get nondestructive editing with gorgeous filters, lenses, basic and pro-level adjustment tools, perspective correction, background music for videos, and much more.

Camera MX has a super simple and clean interface that is fast and gets out of the way, so you can focus on your photos. You can pause video recordings to apply cuts in real time, and preview filters and effects as you shoot. Camera MX for Android Free. Read More , so all data is intact for post-processing. Burst mode and time lapse deliver high quality results, so each moment gets captured as it happens. For distinctive experimentation, the Light Painting mode in beta lets you easily paint with light.

Then you'll love these apps for your Android phone or tablet. Read More? Then Open Camera is a must. This open source camera app is completely free and has no in-app purchases, unlike Camera MX. Open Camera allows smartphone photographers to take better photos with manual controls, auto-stabilization, remote controls and voice commands, grid overlays, cropping guides, HDR, and more.

Open Camera for Android Free. You might also be looking for tools to manage your photos The iPhone Camera Roll: Here are fixes, tricks, and tips every user should know. Wondering what Progressive Web Apps are and how they're changing the mobile landscape? Learn about the advantages of PWAs and how to use them now. Explore more about: Android , iOS , Smartphone Photography.

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Os Melhores Aplicativos de Fotografia para Celular - Smartfone ou Iphone ( Android ou IOS)

The camera software that comes with the Essential is much, much worse than the actual camera. The hardware is being held hostage by the horrible camera software. I'm already experiencing huge improvements in photo quality and features! I'm officially sentencing the Essential camera app to a life sentence in the dungeon This is awesome! Thanks again.

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  • The Best Camera Apps for Android and iOS.

Finally, an author worth following on MUO! Good write-up Christine! I have read a couple of your articles and you have started to restore my faith in the info found here. I think you have a fan. Excellent writeup. I found this super helpful as I wasn't sure what trade-offs the different iOS camera apps out there offered.

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