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Switching from a personal account to a business account is fairly simple. The images below are from my Android device, a Samsung Galaxy S8.

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This is required. Either select an existing page or create a new one: Now that I have switched the account to a business account I will continue to post in my normal pattern for at least 10 posts and then gather data to compare against posts made before I switched. The average Like count of the previous 15 posts before switching had 18 Likes. I removed the highest and lowest performing posts from both data sets to come to this conclusion.

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Throughout the test I posted the same types of updates I normally would post to my account: To test to see if these results held up, I posted the highest performing post from the 15 posts before switching to a business account. I posted the exact photo with the exact caption and hashtags, including the hashtags in comments. The results: Within 24 hours the post had 36 Likes — 13 fewer than when I posted it the first time. Is this due to switching to a business account or just coincidence and part of the ebb and flow of social media?

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The good news is you can always switch back to a personal account at any time and see if engagement changes. I tried this and to my surprise the average Likes per post over the next 5 posts went down to 9.

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My advice would be to stay as a personal profile unless you need the business aspects mentioned previously. Click To Tweet. Suzanne De Silva, a director of product strategy for Samsung, said she envisioned people using DeX for a variety of tasks that took advantage of a large second screen, like shopping online or singing karaoke on a television set. One attractive quality of the Note9 is its exceptional battery life.

Often, I still had at least 30 percent of battery remaining by bedtime after a day of use. The vast majority of phones I have tested always needed to be recharged by evening.

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  3. A big battery but questionable durability;
  4. During a light stroll in a park, the Note9 dropped out of my coat pocket onto concrete, sustaining ugly scratches on two of its aluminum corners. De Silva said the material around the phone is an aluminum that is durable and allows the transmission of radio signals.

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    If customers want a tougher model, she said, Samsung sells rugged phones called Galaxy Active. That means the camera has a mechanical aperture that adjusts to different light conditions. So in scenes with bright light, it will step down to the narrower aperture to avoid overexposure, and in low light, it will automatically change to a wider aperture to draw in as much light as possible. In my tests, photos in bright light looked very clear and detailed. Brighter colors, like pinks and yellows, appeared more vivid — which is not my preference, though some people like more exaggerated-looking photos for Instagram.

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    Its longer and wider body made it cumbersome to handle, and the curved sides of the screen made the phone more slippery to hold. So in those serendipitous moments when you want to whip out your phone and fire up the camera right away, the Galaxy Note9 will slow you down: Its body makes it difficult to quickly pull out of a pocket and stabilize in your hands to take a clear shot.

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    The signature feature of the Galaxy Note has always been its digital pen for writing and drawing, called S-Pen. For the Note9, the pen got a significant upgrade: It now includes a button that you can press to use as a remote control. This is my favorite feature in the new Note.

    You can use the pen to remotely control different tasks. By default, you can press the pen button once to take a photograph.

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    That is helpful especially if you are shooting a selfie: The S-Pen button can also be reprogrammed to change slides for a presentation or to start and stop an audio recording. For me, that was the deal breaker. I am constantly striving to spend less time on my phone anyway, so a cheaper one will do. Brian X. Chen is the lead consumer technology writer.