The best Windows Mobile web browser ever?

This is what I am waiting for Opera Mobile 9. It will go head to head with iPhone's Safari browser.

Mobile Browser Comparison for Windows Mobile

But Opera Mini beta 4 is really awesome. Very fast and works well. Opera Mini beta 3 is very good and reliable if websites aren't working as they should in beta 4. Opera Mobile - for me this takes far too long to load, and freezes up reguarly.

Introducing the new Opera Mini for Windows Phone

If it wasn't so hard on resources, this would be awesome. PIE - unfortunately, IE seems to be the most compatible and reliable, but of course it's very limited. I use it as a last resort. Hardware Hangout Search In. Mini Spy. Sign in to Neowin Faster! Sign In or Sign Up.

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Sign in with Microsoft. Sign in with Twitter. Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. The inclusion of a Google search bar at the top of the interface makes it easy to get to the content you're looking for without wrestling around in menus, like you're made to in other mobile Web browsers. Viewing pages in Opera Mobile is very comfortable. You can choose to fit the whole web page in one window or move the selection tool to the part of the page you want to look at and double click to zoom in. Opera Mobile 10 integrates a bevy of time-saving tools and features, including bookmarks, a password manager, auto-complete addresses, and the ability to save pages for viewing offline.

The program now includes the 'Speed Dial' feature from the desktop version of Opera, that gives you one-click access to your favorite pages from the start page. Speed is something that Opera Mobile has always focused on, and this version of the app includes Opera Turbo, a technology that allows the browser to serve pages much quicker.

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All of this combines to make Opera Mobile the ideal solution for anyone who wants to speed up and simplify their mobile Internet usage. Slow browser. I found the load times and search times of the brows er extremely slow. On the bright side, once the page has loaded, I found the reading and navigation easy to use. If they could improve performance, this would be my only browser.

One of the most critical applications to a smartphone is its web browser. Our devices stick out amongst others for having tools and performance similar to that of a normal computer, but they are useless unless they can provide an authentic surfing experience. There are many options available to Windows Mobile users, and most are free. This browser is one of the most popular on the Windows Mobile platform, as it comes preloaded onto every stock ROM available. The recent update to accompany the launch of WM 6.

Mobile Browser Comparison for Windows Mobile

However, although the simple, rather bland interface might suggest that this browser will be snappy, it took a staggering 2 minutes 48 seconds to load my test site Rotten Tomatoes UK — a site I know to take eons to load even on my laptop. My suspicions of page-loading slowness were confirmed when it took my phone 2 minutes and 35 seconds for the XDA homepage to be visible.

Despite this, button presses were reacted to quickly: A useful feature was an easily available option to switch between viewing websites as a phone, as a computer, or letting the app decide for you. Opera Mobile is one of the most cooked-in browsers by chefs here at XDA, and for good reason. The browser is sleek and very attractive, featuring silk-smooth tab switching and integrated Google searching.

The interface is very polished, making surfing a very nice experience.

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However, all this digital sexiness comes at the cost of performance. Powerhouse devices such as the HD2 should have no problem with this, but having many tabs or other apps open while using this browser causes a noticeable speed decrease on my Touch Pro, albeit quite a small one. Loading XDA was a similar story, with the page ready for me to browse around after 55 seconds. My opinion on Opera Mini is essentially the same, as the only difference between the two apps is that for Opera Mini, the browser connects to a server to request a webpage rather than going directly from the phone.

However, I was actually quite pleasantly surprised with my first impressions. Despite garishly retro looks and a possibly too simplistic interface, the browser was smooth and felt very fast — this was backed up by a one minute eight second loading time for Rotten Tomatoes and a blistering 28 seconds for XDA.

Opera Mini native version for Windows Mobile 5 and 6 phones

Unfortunately, zooming left a little to be desired — no slider like Internet Explorer or double-tap like Opera Mobile. To fulfill my own curiosity I also tried Facebook on Dorothy. Despite the consistently fast page loading, some features, such as remembering usernames and passwords, were sorely missed. It also emphasised how much I rely on the zoom-tapping habit garnered from Opera. The app itself has some great ideas — drag the screen to the right to see an open tabs bar, left for normal function buttons — but it seemed to me to be so slow and buggy that it was barely useable.