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An FNB approved courier will contact you to confirm your delivery address. Alternatively you can follow the instructions on the delivery SMS to login on to the link provided in the delivery SMS and enter your delivery address. Please ensure that you are available to receive delivery on the date confirmed with the courier. Please note after 3 unsuccessful attempts to deliver your SIM; the order will be cancelled and the SIM will not be delivered. If you have taken up a SIM at branch your SIM will be given to you at the branch once you have completed the sales process.

How do I buy Artime or Data?

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How do I convert Voice bundles. What is an Auto Top Up? You can set up an Auto Top Up, which will automatically recharge your airtime or data, when your balance reaches R5 or 10MB of data. You can view your call log online using Connect transaction history. Manage your cellular spend just like your banking. What are the available debit order dates? Please note the following debit order dates are available for Contract packages: Please note the following debit order dates are available for Top Up packages: In the event of a debit order failing; debit order dates maybe adjusted.

Please note the following for the first debit order for Contract Packages: Please also note the following applies for the first debit order for Top Up Packages: We recommend that you do not use Full Roaming when travelling as rates are extremely high. What are the alternatives when travelling abroad?

What are the key factors to take into consideration when activating International Roaming? What should I do if I am experiencing Network Coverage issues? You must also switch data roaming on, on your device. If you need further assistance please contact our Customer Service centre.

What is porting? Porting is keeping your existing number and moving it to a Connect SIM. How do I port my number over to Connect? To port during the take up process, please complete the highlighted section during the sales process. Please note that you may also receive a SMS from your current cellular network to confirm your port. Please respond to this SMS to ensure that your port is successful. When taking up a SIM at a branch you need to advise the branch consultant that you wish to keep your existing number when taking up a Connect SIM.

Porting at branch can be done during the sales process. Port to an existing Connect SIM.

FNB launches own-branded smartphones - TechCentral

If you didn't port during the sales process you can still port your number after experiencing the Connect SIM. Via Connect Curstomer Care: Dial from your Connect SIM. How long does it take for my number to be ported? Porting usually takes between 24 to 72 hours from the time your Connect SIM Card is activated, however there are a number of reasons why the porting process can take longer than 72 hours, see below:.

Please note that you may receive a SMS from your network provider. Please confirm your port to ensure that your port is not delayed. Can I still port my cellphone number if I am currently on a contract? Once ported your old SIM will stop working and you will lose all unused benefits. If your SIM is delivered via courier it will be activated 24 hours after delivery. If you wish to activate the SIM immediately after receiving your SIM from the courier, you can use the following channels:.

It is advisable to only activate the SIM once you have received it.

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You can set your limit to control your spend. When you initially set your limit, it is applied after 15 minutes however if an existing limit is changed the new limit will only come into effect from the beginning of the next month. Please purchase bundles to avoid out of bundle costs. How can I save on my data usage? Which brings storage space up to 24Gb, which you can use for apps, photos, etc. You need 4 FNB products: Not all applications can be moved to a memory card. These apps get updated often and chew up space quickly.

And on an 8GB phone usually only 4 — 6 GB is usable.

FNB’s launched its own smartphones and a R399/month unlimited call package

You are at: Previous Article Justin Spratt to join Uber in top role. Next Article Partial privatisation of Infraco on the cards. Shaun Crosby on 23 August 1: Reme Le Hane on 23 August 2: JW on 23 August 2: Simonsaysthis on 23 August 2: Shaun Crosby on 23 August 3: John Wilson on 23 August 6: If you are already on level 5, the money is virtually free.

It is not hard to get on level 5. Simonsaysthis on 23 August 7: Greg Mahlknecht on 23 August 8: John Wilson on 23 August Mistry says this device is aimed at the lower end of the market, which may not have access to a car or desk charger, and as such, the A1 comes with a mAh FNB-branded power bank. In the case of the A1, you get 50MB of data and 15 minutes of calls.

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The deposit is interest bearing and is returned at the end of the month contract. There are no plans to offer the devices for outright purchase. Adding that the educational videos included on the device teach users what they can do on their banking app, how to limit service charges and, of course, maximising their eBucks.

Both devices come with a month warranty. Well, colour us impressed. Semeer keshav August 23, , 7: Ryno September 1, , Alroy August 24, , 2: I think thats fantastic. Now with this new contracts coming out I definitely getting me a phone. Langanani Dombo August 24, , 7: Craig Wilson August 24, , 4: You can see the devices in FNB branches and can apply for one of the contracts in a branch, too.

You need to be an FNB customer or become one in order to take up one of the contracts.